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How To Get The Best From Solar Garden Lights

Installing solar garden lights is similar to many home improvement projects in that the likelihood of a successful end result is related to how well the objectives are defined in the first place. So consider what it is you're trying to achieve - courtesy lighting for yourself and visitors, security lighting to deter intruders, a place to entertain or simply bringing the garden to life at night?

There's a good chance of course that your answer will include some, all or more than these possibilities. The problem is then one of balancing these different requirements on your outdoor solar lighting. But by at least identifying the requirements in advance it becomes much easier to separate the lighting into distinct zones and types of light fitting.

Solar deck lights for example won't deter many intruders (though these highly versatile little devices will function very well in many situations such as path or drive markers). Equally you probably don't want bright floodlights on your entertaining areas, and while low level coloured lights look lovely as decorative features in the garden they won't help your guests see what they're eating or drinking.

Functional (or "task") lighting as distinct from decorative lighting tends to be relatively easy to get right for the simple reason that it is usually obvious whether or not it performs the intended task. Driveway lighting should allow you to easily navigate the drive, security lighting should switch on in response to movement - such things are simple to test.

Decorative solar garden lighting doesn't have to conform to specific requirements in the same way as functional lighting but there are still some guidelines worth noting. First and most obvious is that solar lights need to recharge each day which means either the lights themselves (or their solar panel if using an external charging system) need to be sited in a sunny daytime location.

Second, because solar powered lights have to last many hour on a single charge from a battery they cannot afford to burn as brightly as mains powered lights. Modern high efficiency LED bulbs that use vastly less power greatly help, but even these are still usually less bright. But this characteristic is not necessarily a weakness and it is possible to obtain effects with solar garden lights that mains powered versions cannot manage.

Third, a great benefit with outside solar lighting is that it is not only supremely simple to install, but also just as simple to modify; meaning that you can figure out ideal placements by trial and error rather than hoping to get it right first time. Simply pick units up and reposition them until you hit on an arrangement that you especially like.

Finally, never forget that it is your garden and therefore you can do as you please. If you want to string solar fairy lights along a dull fence or scatter sun jars at random then go right ahead. The fact is that pretty much any outside garden lighting looks a whole lot better than none at all, and it is near impossible to make a garden actually look worse by installing solar lighting.

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Outdoor Solar Lights Will Brighten up your Property

The popularity of using solar lighting to light your outside spaces just seems to increase all the time. Outdoor solar lights are being used more frequently in popular outside designs and can be seen more often in outdoor public spaces. Solar lights are an extremely practical and sensible way to take the sun's rays and convert them into usable energy - after all, it's where all our energy originates from.

A standard solar light unit has a built-in solar cell which will absorb the sun's energy and convert it into electrical power which is then stored in the unit's battery. The entire process is automated; right down to the event of switching the light on and off, this is achieved by a photocell device that is sensitive to light. At the end of each night, any unspent energy is rolled over to the next day.

Recent developments in solar light technology has led to huge increases in both battery life and efficiency. These efficiencies are credited in part to the increase in the popularity of the different types of lighting such as solar string lights.

An added benefit to this type of lighting scheme is that there are no complicated installation procedures to carry out. You can just literally just place the fittings where you think they would look best, and fix them in place when you are happy with your design. There are no expensive electrician's bills to pay, no complicated cabling to undertake, and no digging trenches to get a power source out to your deck.

Top 5 reasons to consider solar lights.

1. Free lighting for your outside spaces

2. Very cheap to install - no professionals needed!

3. Very low maintenance - switches on and off automatically

4. Wide choice of designs and fixtures

5. Home security is increased due to extra light at night

The best thing about solar lighting is that it is free to run. You won't ever receive an electricity bill for using your lights because all the power comes from a free source. Solar lights are also very low maintenance as well, once you have them installed where you want them to be, they will switch themselves on and off each night, all you need do is check the battery once a year.

In my opinion, the most rewarding reason for using outdoor solar lights is the positive impact they make to our environment. Unlike standard electricity, solar power gives off zero emissions and uses zero fossil fuels. Whether you are in the developing world or in one of the world's major economies, solar lighting has a strong part to play in providing part of our energy needs for the foreseeable future.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Easy Solar Lights Shopping

Hello again!  I thought I would make things even easier for you by opening up a store and giving you everything you need to buy solar lights right from this site!  I have a few models listed on this page:

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